DAY OF REMEMBRANCE 1 - 9 febbraio 2013


Archivio di Stato di Lecce



On the occasion of the " Day of Remembrance" 2013, the Record Office of Lecce offers a photo-documentary exhibition entitled "Li Judei portano lo signo". Jewish minorities from living society to intolerance in the Middle Salento. The didactic-exhibition illustrates the anti-Jewish change from religious to racial prejudice and the individual and collective effects of persecutions  and discriminations suffered by minorities over the centuries of Jewish faith. The initiative aimed at young users, it becomes a moment of reflection on the value of the difference and the importance for social growth of free and plural thought.



The event is part of the initiatives promoted by the Provincial Committee for the increase in value of Culture of the Republic, headed by the Prefect of Lecce, and is part of the e-learning project "Culture of the Republic." They will be placed on the Web documents and insights on issues relating to the most important national celebrations (27 January, 10 February, 17 March, June 2, etc.)

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